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Trainer Certification Policy

Staying Competent is all about Staying Current

Smith System DriverTrainers are given two-year certifications upon initial training and recertification training. The Recertification Course, offered in both private and multi-company formats, is designed for attendance prior to training certification expiration. The course will also ensure your trainer certifications remain up-to-date and your investment in training continues to pay the highest possible dividends. Most importantly, current trainer certifications ensure your drivers are receiving the highest level of training quality while also demonstrating your company’s commitment to preventing motor vehicle crashes.

We encourage all of our partners to keep Smith System certified DriverTrainers sharp, focused, and effective. To learn more about our DriverTrainer Recertification Course, visit our website at or call us at 800-777-7648 to discuss your program or schedule a recertification class.

If your current certification has expired, call us today for recertification options and we will work to schedule your attendance in the DriverTrainer course best suited for your needs.


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