Training Solutions

- Advanced Backing, Parking and Close Quarter Maneuvering Course

Vehicles are designed to drive forward, not reverse. Our customers tell us that a disproportionate number of incidents occur when their drivers are operating a vehicle in reverse. The best way to avoid a backing collision is to avoid backing.  But that's not always an option.  Give your drivers the tools they need to make smart decisions when driving, parking and maneuvering near fixed-objects with our DriverBacking - Advanced Backing, Parking and Close Quarter Maneuvering Course. 

This Smith System® course is designed to help drivers choose the best safe-driving solutions and avoid fixed-object collisions when backing or parking in any situation.  Drivers develop a true understanding of their vehicle before they practice serpentine, forward motion and backing maneuvers, as well as backing to the sight and blind sides, and parallel parking.


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