Training Solutions

- Driver Skill Evaluator

Whether you have an established Smith System®  in-house training program or you use Smith System Instructors to train your drivers, follow up training is very important. When you use the Smith System DriverTrainer Skill Evaluator Course, each one of your supervised sessions becomes a powerful tool for driver education and performance improvement.  

Our Driver Skill Evaluator Course teaches your local managers and supervisors the skills they need to perform effective ride-along evaluations using The Smith5KeysTM. Students learn how to produce a written assessment of their findings detailing the strengths and weaknesses they have observed. They also learn how to then use this information to commend drivers for their achievements and to inspire their drivers to continue working on those habits requiring change.

This training is presented one-on-one for follow up training purposes only. It does not replace a full driver training or instructor training course. 


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