Training Solutions

- Driver Audit

You need individual driver audits for the members of your driving team, but you lack the staff, time and training to perform your own. What to do? Turn to Smith System® for help. Our Driver Audit program helps you quickly and effectively evaluate and educate your drivers in safe driving practices. 

Our Driver Audit program begins with a short classroom session that lasts about two hours.  Our instructor presents current statistics, introduces the Smith System concept of Space Cushion Driving® and also emphasizes backing collision avoidance techniques.  A video reinforcing our methods is shown before the class goes on-road. 

Our trainer spends the balance of the day one on one with the student coaching and evaluating their style. Each students gets behind the wheel three times as they learn to apply our safe driving techniques. Areas of focus include proper space management, effective eye movement and anticipating the errors of other drivers. An in depth discussion with each driver immediately follows the final drive time. A detailed observation report is subsequently delivered to management. If desired, driver coaching can be included with this program.  

Depending upon your needs and logistics permitting, we can ride along with up to four people per day. Each participant receives a written evaluation, handout materials and a certificate of completion. 


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