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Safety Shorts

Volume 5

This 17 minute video, Safety Shorts Volume 5, has four chapters that cover various topics including handling emotions, backing issues, how to avoid a pack driving mentality and proper scanning in intersections. Interesting statistics, driving trivia and historical “flashbacks” also keep viewers engaged.

Chapter 1  Desperation  (2 minutes 25 seconds) - People often become exasperated when traffic doesn't cooperate. Education provided in this Safety Short will help drivers retain a calm, rational approach to these and other emotional driving moments.

Chapter 2  Don't Back  (2 minutes 54 seconds) - Backing is very hazardous and should be avoided. Learn parking-area strategies and backing alternatives available in many parking environments.

Chapter 3  Hurry Up and Wait  (5 minutes 2 seconds) - Pack driving usually leads to poor driving habits and elevated collision potential. This chapter places the spotlight on the simple fixes that will improve safety and reduce operating expense.

Chapter 4  Just Scan  (4 minutes) - Statistically, intersections are dangerous places. In this presentation viewers are taught proper scanning techniques and tactics to reduce the danger inherent in these volatile areas.

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Safety Shorts Volume 5
Price: $15.00 Buy Web Based  
Price: $95.00 Buy Physical Product