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Following Distance - Resolving The Debate (Trucks)

A convincing presentation on the benefits of a safe following distance

Following distance plays a major role in most multi-vehicle traffic collisions. Despite the evidence, huge numbers of drivers, either through lack of training or personal choice, continue to maintain inadequate spacing. The main reason for this behavior is drivers thinking that leaving too much space invites other drivers to cut in, resulting in added risk and lost time.

The focus of this show is to dispel these beliefs. It convincingly demonstrates maintaining proper following distance not only reduces unnecessary risk, but shows either an insignificant or non-existent affect on time loss when using the Smith System®. A final risk/reward analysis clearly demonstrates proper following distance pays off in more ways than one. The presentation includes an optional viewer quiz.

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Following Distance (Trucks)
Price: $15.00 Buy Web Based  
Price: $185.00 Buy Physical Product