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Is it difficult to gather your employees for the driver training you know they need?
Do employee workloads make it unlikely training time can be scheduled that meets everyone's availability?
Why not try our E-Learning solution!
The "5 Keys to Safe Driving®" is a highly interactive, multi-media rich online training course that teaches your employees our time-tested safe driving techniques. Learn on the web the driving skills taught to ExxonMobil, Frito-Lay, Penske, Chevron, BASF, Verizon Wireless, BP, Netflix, Pacific Gas & Electric, City of Albuquerque, City of Oakland, National Interstate Insurance and many others!
Why E-Learning?
  • Convenience - accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Cost effectiveness – eliminates costly meeting and travel expenses
  • Consistency - everyone gets the same lesson
  • Self-paced - efficient use of employee time
  • Interactivity - involvement keeps each learner engaged
  • Implementation ease - no need for instructor preparation or class materials
  • Manageabilty - supervisors can view layered reporting with student course and testing data 24/7
  • Accessibility - no software to install, 100% web based
  • Integration - can be integrated with most 3rd Party Learning Management System's (contact for details)

Our interactive courses are based on the Smith System 5 Keys to Safe Driving.  The Small Vehicle courses cover everything from a compact car all the way up to a box truck or 15 passenger van.  The Truck courses are designed for tractor trailer drivers.  Students are required to respond to questions throughout the learning experience.  Upon course completion, each learner tests their knowledge to measure understanding and retention by answering a 20 question exam.  The results are stored in a data base that is available to management anytime, anywhere.  The average interactive course length is around 50-55 minutes.

Our video courses are also based on the Smith System 5 Keys to Safe Driving, but they are little shorter in length.  Our video courses were developed from our existing library of DVD offerings.  Some of the titles include Driving Distractions, Right Foot Fuel Economy and our very popular on-going production called SafetyShorts.  The video courses require the driver to watch the video, and then test their knowledge to measure understanding and retention by answering a 10 question exam.  The results are stored in a data base that is available to management anytime, anywhere.  The average video course length is around 25-30 minutes.

Please contact us for more details or to request a full demonstration.

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A few of the major topics covered in our courses:
  • Reasons for traffic collisions
  • Dangers of distracted driving
  • Identifying potential problems
  • Improving fuel economy
  • Proper following distance
  • Hazardous weather driving issues
  • Effectively isolate your vehicle in traffic
  • Avoiding a rear-end collision
  • Reduce the threat of the "other driver"
  • Reduce stress and driver frustration
  • How to avoid the backing accident
  • All around vehicle and personal safety

Some titles are available in foreign languages. Certain courses come in small vehicle and truck versions.


Integration with 3rd party Learning Management System's (LMS)

 If your organization employs an LMS to deliver E-Learning material to your drivers, our courses can be integrated directly into your course catalog.  Our proven integration methods are based on E-Learning standards and have allowed us to integrate with many of the 3rd party LMS's commonly used today.  Full integrations provide real-time completion tracking back to your LMS so you know the instant your drivers complete their assigned training.  Better yet, this allows you full use of the reporting capabilities of your LMS to track Smith System training records! 

Contact us today to discuss the technical details of our integration methods and receive a custom quote to put everything in place.


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